Fort Bliss FAQs

Does every person need to get an Access Permit to access Fort Bliss for any activity (i.e. hunt, recreate, assist hunter, observe, etc.)?

Yes.  Every person regardless of age, and regardless of activity, will be required to acquire a Fort Bliss Access Permit.  Hunting, Recreation, and Youth Access Permits are available.


Do I need to register my firearms to hunt on Fort Bliss?

Yes.  Please visit the Permits info tab for step-by-step instruction on submitting the Fort Bliss Firearms Registration form, or click here FB FORM 0023-R2-E


Do I need to have a hunter safety card?

Yes.  In order to participate in any hunting activity (big game or small game), a hunter must have proof of successful completion of a state-certified hunter safety course.  Any persons accessing Fort Bliss will be subject to random spot checks by the Fort Bliss Game Warden.


Are guides/outfitters allowed to operate on Fort Bliss, McGregor Range?

Yes.  Guides/outfitters are permitted, however they must be registered as such with the Las Cruces, NM Office of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). 


Can I register more than one (1) vehicle to my account?

Yes. Log in to your account and click on "My Account" > "Account Details". Click "Manage Account" and scroll down to Vehicles. Click "Add New" and add your additional vehicle.


Is trapping allowed on Fort Bliss?

No.  Trapping is prohibited.


Are ATVs/UTVs allowed off-road to retrieve downed game?

No.  Off-road travel is not allowed for game retrieval or any non-emergency reason.  It is recommended that big game hunters bring a game cart for transporting game from field to vehicle.


Are there any UXO in my hunt areas?

Yes.  Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) may be encountered anywhere on Fort Bliss.  DO NOT pick up anything you did not drop!


Are hunting dogs allowed?

Yes.  Hunting dogs are permitted provided they have up-to-date vaccinations.


Can I camp?

Yes.  Camping is allowed.


Can I bring beer?

NO.  Alcohol is prohibited.