iSportsman is a data collection and user management service utilized on over 40 other military installations.  This service will be used to distribute information, as a tool to register and authorize users, authorize recreational areas and collect recreational user and hunter harvest data.

Our goal is to provide Fort Bliss visitors with safe, quality hunting and outdoor recreation opportunities by managing the ecosystems and biodiversity through conservation, protection, restoration, and sustainment while supporting the military mission in a fiscally responsible manner.  Recreational activities on Fort Bliss may involve bird and wildlife watching, camping, hiking, horseback riding, hunting and scouting.  Hunting on Fort Bliss is regulated by state and federal laws, Army and Range policies and regulations and the Fort Bliss Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan.  Hunting seasons, dates, areas, closures, species, licensing, weapons restrictions, and bag limits are established by, and in compliance with corresponding state regulations.  New Mexico and Texas State hunting regulations must be obeyed while hunting on Fort Bliss.  These regulations are posted on the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department websites.



Steps to obtain a Fort Bliss Recreational and Hunting Access Permit:

Step 1:   Create Your iSportsman Account

If you do not already have an iSportsman account then register in iSportsman by clicking the “Account Login” tab, and select “New Users Registration” to complete the registration form and submit.

  • Minors (under 18 years of age) are required to obtain a Youth Access Permit, which does not require the completion of the Fort Bliss Firearms Registration form.Complete step 1 (iSportsman registration) and skip to Step 3 (Safety Brief).Youth Access Permits are restricted from check-in access, please visit the Permits Info tab for specific details.

Step 2:   Clear all Validations (aka Holds) on Your Account

All adults (18 years and older) must complete and submit the Fort Bliss Firearms Registration form,FB FORM 0023-R2-E.  ALL ADULTS REGARDLESS OF PERMIT TYPE (i.e. HUNTING OR RECREATION) MUST SUBMIT THE FORM TO THE FORT BLISS VCC.  Recreation-only users will leave the firearms information blank, fill in personal information and submit to VCC.

  • Department of Defense Common Access Card (DOD CAC) holders can digitally sign and send an encrypted email with the completed form to:  The weapons permit will be encrypted and sent back to your DOD email account.  Direct all questions regarding the encrypted email delivery of this form to the Buffalo Soldier Visitor Control Center (VCC) by calling (915) 568-3215.  Allow up to 72 hours for the VCC to process your request.

  • Non-DOD CAC card holders must complete the form and deliver IN PERSON to the Buffalo Soldier VCC located at: 5400 Buffalo Soldier Rd (915) 568-3215, Mon-Fri during the hours of 0500-2100.  You will receive a copy of your firearms permit at the end of this visit.

The VCC will activate your Fort Bliss iSportsman account validations after they process your Firearms Registration form.  Validations are valid for three (3) years for all active duty military members and one (1) year for all civilians.

Step 3:   Review the Fort Bliss Hunter and Range Safety Brief

Log into your iSportsman account and under the “My Safety Briefs” tab, select the 2020 Hunter and Range Safety Briefing.

  • All adults and minors are required to take the Safety Brief video and pass the quiz.

Step 4:   Purchase Desired Access Permits

Click on “Acquire Permit(s)” on the homepage of your iSportsman account.  Add permit(s) to the shopping cart and purchase permits (no cost at this time).  After successfully purchasing permits, your permit #, a list of active permits and the option to “Print Permit” will all appear on the homepage of your iSportsman account.  Fort Bliss Access Permits are valid for up to one (1) year (all Access Permits expire 31March of each year).