Fort Bliss Hunting 2023-24 

New Mexico Female-Immature Barbary Sheep (McGregor Range)

Hunter Kendrah Madrid's ewe Barbary sheep with 17" horns!

Hunter Alan Abraham's ewe Barbary sheep with 18 inch horns!

Hunter Roger Corey's ewe Barbary sheep with 16 inch horns!


‚ÄčNew Mexico Mule Deer (McGregor Range)

Hunter Jessica Austin and her 10 point mule deer!

Hunter Perry Hisaw with his 24" wide mule deer!

Hunter Stephen Warren and his 8 point mule deer.  

Hunter Randi Winthers and her unique 6 point mule deer.

Hunter Bryan Burns with a 24" mule deer!


New Mexico Oryx (McGregor Range)

Hunter Katherine Harrison-Rogers' cow oryx with 38" horns.

Hunter Felipe Lovato's cow oryx with 40 3/4" horns.

Hunter Matt Brown's cow oryx with 39 4/8" horns.

Hunter Lukas Crawfords' bull oryx with 39 4/8" horns.  Father, Jason Crawford, pictured on the right.  

Hunter Kirk Smith's cow oryx with 38.5" horns.


New Mexico Elk (McGregor Range)

Hunter Mike Sparaco and crew with his 6x6 bull elk!

Hunter John Badjar and crew with his 6x6 bull elk!

Anthony Nagle with hunter Ryan Wood's and his 6x5 bull elk!

New Mexico Barbary Sheep (McGregor Range)

Hunter Nicholas Maragas' Barbary Sheep with 35 inch horns!  

Hunter Chris Cordova's Barbary Sheep with 35.5 inch horns!

Hunter Kip Morris' Barbary Sheep with 28 inch horns!


Texas Aoudad (South Training Areas)

Hunter Kevin Guy's Texas aoudad with 33 inch horns! 

Hunter Jacob Miller's Texas aoudad with 30 3/4 inch horns!

Hunter Travis Haas' Texas aoudad with 31.75 inch horns! 

Hunter Hunter Vige's Texas aoudad with 30 inch horns!

Hunter Trent Lord's aoudad ewe with 20 inch horns!

Hunter Braden Harter's Texas aoudad ewe with 19 inch horns!


Texas Oryx (South Training Areas)

Hunter James Camacho's Texas oryx!


New Mexico Pronghorn Antelope (Unit 28/McGregor Range)

Hunter Lukas Weber's pronghorn antelope with 17.5 inch horns. 

Hunter Jim Watter's pronghorn antelope with 16 inch horns.  

Hunter Travis Hass' antelope pronghorn with 15 6/8 inch horns.

Hunter Tim Rabon's pronghorn antelope with 15 3/8 inch horns.  


Fort Bliss Hunting 2022-23 


New Mexico Pronghrn Antelope (Unit 28/McGregor Range)

Hunter Joseph Graham's pronghorn antelope scored 79 2/8 B&C.

New Mexico Oryx Depredation (Unit 19/Dona Ana Range)

Hunter Brent Creer's cow oryx with 41" horns.

Hunter Noah Kim's bull oryx with 39" horns

New Mexico Mule Deer (Unit 28/McGregor Range)

Hunter Steve Hager's 8 x 5, (13 point) mule deer.

New Mexico Oryx (Unit 28/McGregor Range)

Hunter Anthony Robertson's bull oryx with 39" horns!

New Mexico Elk (Unit 28/McGregor Range)
Hunter Isaac Espinosa's 7x6 bull elk. 

Anotonio Orona III's 6x5 bull elk.

Harmon Franzoy's bull elk with kickers.

New Mexico Barbary Sheep (Unit 28/McGregor Range)

Hunter David Chavez's Barbary sheep with 33 6/8'' horns!

Hunter Tara Zehrer's Barbary sheep with 32'' horns!

Hunter Jennifer Ahlgrim's Barbary sheep with 29 4/8'' horns!

New Mexico Javelina (Unit 28/McGregor Range)

Hunter Shad Cox's javelina!

Hunter Chris Morris' javelina!


Texas Aoudad (South Training Areas)

Hunter Kyle Cahenzli's aoudad with 31" horns.

Youth Hunter Rori with her first ever big game harvest!  Congratulations!!! 

Texas Oryx (South Training Areas)

Hunter Adam Wilson's bull oryx with 35" horns.

Hunter Ricky Moralez's cow oryx with 42" horns.